Open Source events to attend in the second half of 2022

Open Source events to attend in the second half of 2022

One of the ways to keep exploring Open Source is to connect with others at events and conferences. This gives you information about what is new trends, what others are building and collaborating on, and above all helps expand your network.

In this article, I highlight 10 events worth attending that are either in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

Date: 11th - 17th July || Mode: Hybrid (Virtual and In-person) || Venue: Dublin, Ireland.

EuroPython is the largest conference in Europe for folks interested in the Python programming language. It regularly attracts 1200-1400 attendees from all over the world.


Date: 30th & 31st July || Mode: Hybrid (Virtual and In-person) || Venue: NTUST, Taiwan.

COSCUP is an annual conference held by Taiwanese Open source community participants since 2006. It’s a major force in the Free software movement advocacy in Taiwan.


Date: 20th September || Mode: Virtual

Open Research Webinars focus on state-of-the-art open-source research that helps shape the future of open-source software and the IT industry.

Open Research Webinars.png

Date: 20th - 23rd September || Mode: Virtual

JCON is an international conference for the Java community, organized by the Java User Group Oberpfalz in cooperation with JAVAPRO Magazine. It received more than 2,500 participants from 77 countries and six continents last year.


Date: 13th - 15th October || Mode: In-person || Venue: To be announced soon

PyCon Ghana is the annual gathering of the Python Software Community in Ghana to learn, share experiences and collaborate. It is hosted by Python Ghana, a non-profit organization that seeks to equip and empower society through technology, with Python and other related technologies.

PyCon Ghana.png

Date: 16th - 21st October || Mode: In-person || Venue: San Diego Marriott of Mission Valley in San Diego, California.

DjangoCon US is an international conference about the Django web framework, held each year in North America. It is an opportunity for people who develop Django applications to network with others through talks, tutorials, and sprints.

DjangoCon US.png

Date: 24th - 28th October || Mode: In-person || Venue: Detroit, Michigan.

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon provides a platform where folks interested in Kubernetes, DevOps, and other related topics come together to share relevant information and insights.


Date: 24th & 28th October || Mode: Hybrid (Virtual and In-person) || Venue: Munich, Germany.

The IPC PHP Conference helps attendees learn about the latest features of PHP, and discover the exciting ways PHP can be combined with other technologies such as Symfony, Docker, Kubernetes, JavaScript, and TypeScript.

PHP conference.png

Date: 8th & 9th November || Mode: In-person || Venue: Palais des congrès, Paris.

Open Source Experience is organized for the European Open Source Community to discuss open-source projects, collaborations, and how organizations can advance the use of open-source projects.

Open Source Experience.png

Date: 27th & 28th November || Mode: Virtual

Git Commit Show online tech conference where senior engineers, researchers, scientists, and professors meet while being at home.

GIT Commit Show.png

If you have a goal of contributing to Open Source in 2022, you can still achieve that by taking the first step. One of the ways is to interact with communities via conferences and events. I hope we can get to share our contributions by the end of the year.

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