Introducing "Everything Open Source" by Mesrenyame

Introducing "Everything Open Source" by Mesrenyame

I finally get to start this initiative...whew!

One of the best things to have happened to my career growth has been contributing to open source, both coding and non-coding.

Throughout this journey, I have met amazing people, received internationally prestigious awards and recognitions for my contributions and taken bold steps to experience things I like to call "my first tries". Above all, I have enjoyed every bit of my journey in contributing to open source and in a way to do more, I am starting the "Everything Open Source" initiative which will be hosted on Twitter Spaces.

What is it about

The term open source refers to making the design of something available to the public to modify, use or share. Everything Open Source is an initiative to help more people learn about open source and encourage them to start or keep contributing.

I have personally been in rooms or met people who think contributing to open source is all about writing source code for software applications. Well, open source isn't restricted to only building software applications. There are programs, projects, initiatives, that are open sourced and are focused on areas such as design, documentation, community building, writing etc.

What to expect

In the #everythingopensource twitter space, we are going to discuss different open source topics (both code and non-code), where we get to listen to professionals share their thoughts on these topics, their journey's and contributions to open source. Through my blogs, I will also share more about open source events, communities, tools, projects, personalities and organizations supporting open source initiatives.

In all, I'm looking forward to bringing people together to my twitter spaces, to learn from each other as much as we can. I personally hope that this initiative inspires especially beginners to find their feet in contributing to open source, either by code, building a community, editing an application's documentation etc.

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Let's go!